90 milijonov evrov Evropske humanitarne pomoči Jemnu

Evropska komisija je Jemnu, ki se sooča s hudo krizo zaradi lakote, dodelila dodatnih 90 milijonov evrov humanitarne pomoči. Skupna humanitarno pomoč EU v Jemnu leta 2018 tako znaša 118 milijonov evrov in bo prebivalstvu dodeljena izključno prek humanitarnih organizacij.


The Commission has allocated an additional €90 million in humanitarian aid for civilians in Yemen, as the conflict-torn country plunges into the world’s worst hunger crisis.

The new funding brings total EU humanitarian assistance in Yemen in 2018 to €118 million and will be channelled exclusively through humanitarian organisations.

Christos Stylianides, Commissioner for Humanitarian Aid and Crisis Management said: “We are in a race against time to avoid a famine in Yemen. That is why the EU is stepping up its life-saving humanitarian assistance to the Yemeni people. Some 8 million vulnerable people will benefit from our additional funding, that will be directed at covering – among others – nutritional, health, sanitation and protection needs.   However, the only way to stop this ongoing humanitarian tragedy is through a political solution that puts an end to the violence.”

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